Four Families, Four Babies & Four Hours. | London Family Photography

On Mothers day, I was invited into the homes of four families.

I’m always super happy to be welcomed into peoples homes so lovingly, and I enjoy having the responsibility of capturing some fabulous images for the families to cherish. It sounds so cliche but these kids DO grow up so blinking quickly so it’s so important to document as much as you can. Now I’m not saying to book a professional photographer once a week to get all their milestones – but just once while they are young is the difference between getting some prints for your living room wall and never seeing them in your mobile phone’s gallery (and god forbid if you don’t back that thing up!)

So Anna decided to book me and knew that her friends from her NCT group (on a side note, definitely worth joining NCT!) might be interested too so after throwing a few dates around we finalised on Sunday 11th March, Mothers Day! They all wanted to get some shots within their own home, and thankfully they all lived super close together, so Anna, Leigh, Fiona and Esme all prepared for me to come and get some moments of their littlens!

Because of my natural style, I concentrated on using the details within the family’s home to make sure it wasn’t a staged photo too much. Everybody had such great style and I had recommended classic and neutral clothing for the babies to make sure they would look timeless in a photo. I think you’ll all agree they picked some super cute outfits.

They all did so well, babies run on their own time so sometimes can be quite hard to capture – they won’t do what you want them to – it’s like they know 😉 but these guys were absolute diamonds and made my job super easy and super enjoyable.

Have a little look yourself!

Florence Berry Photography Anna Kellum Family-2Florence Berry Photography Anna Kellum Family-1Florence Berry Photography Anna Kellum Family-3Florence Berry Photography Anna Kellum Family-5Florence Berry Photography Anna Kellum Family-6Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-1Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-2Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-3Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-4Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-5Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-6Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-7Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-8Florence Berry Photography Esme Smyth Family-9
Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-1Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-4Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-6Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-8Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-10Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-14Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-15Florence Berry Photography Fiona Templeton Family-17Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-1Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-2Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-5Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-9Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-12Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-16Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-17Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-19Florence Berry Photography Leigh Maetzig Family-21

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