Joanna & Dave | Engagement Photo shoot in Faversham, Kent

Jo & Dave are getting married, YAY! Even though it’s a fair bit away from now, they are planning their special day with excitement and finding the suppliers that are right for them, which is how they found me.

 Jo & I go way back, to primary school days, if I remember correctly, we even went to girl guides together! What great memories it brings back to think of my childhood and the friends I was lucky to have.

Jo&Dave Engagament Photo Kent Wedding Photography-5

When Jo got in contact to ask if I was free for their potential wedding date, I was so pleased to be available and hopefully the one to capture the day. There’s something quite special about already knowing somebody and watching them wed their soul mate, so I was ecstatic to find out they’d both like me to be their photographer.

Jo&Dave Engagament Photo Kent Wedding Photography-1Jo&Dave Engagament Photo Kent Wedding Photography-4

It then occurred that they’d like to bring along their sausage dog, which I was SUPER happy about – what a treat! They wondered if this was something I’d be up for but just to be clear, I am ALWAYS up for pets in shots – they are your family so why not? Also – this guy kind of stole the show a little. Look how cute he is!!

Jo&Dave Engagament Photo Kent Wedding Photography-3Jo&Dave Engagament Photo Kent Wedding Photography-2

After our little photoshoot with Puppy, we went for a wander around Faversham in the hopes we’d catch some of the christmas lights in all their fancy. We were greeted with not only christmas lights, but also the Sunday christmas market which had finished and were packing away. We decided to still give it a go and got a few shots of the twinkling lights!

Jo&Dave Engagament Photo Kent Wedding Photography-6Jo&Dave Engagament Photo Kent Wedding Photography-7

I can’t wait for their big day, I am sure it’ll be beautiful and these guys make such a good team, they’ll nail it!

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