Do you need to add a Second Photographer to your wedding package…?

My wedding photography package includes myself as your photographer, I nip in and out of different parts of your wedding to captured everything I possibly can. Some days are so hugely epic and detailed though, that it’s physically impossible for me to capture everything.  Those weddings would benefit hugely from adding a second shooter to get as many moments as possible.

What is a second shooter?

A professional photographer who works alongside and parallel to the main photographer, they are usually photographers who work for themselves too as main photographers with their own business and therefore can offer the best coverage because they know from experience how to work weddings!

What do they do?

Shoot, all day. A bit like me haha! They will be in different areas or locations at some parts of your wedding, same moment but a different angle at other times of your wedding, and sometimes a support to me during tough times of the day (for example, if something runs late and I only have 5 minutes to capture your wedding breakfast room looking set up and perfect, two’s a dream!!)

What do you get in return for adding on a second?

In short, extra images, sometimes (and often) double! I book confident photographers who use their initiative to capture candids, extra groups, details, all adding to your final gallery. All images are edited by myself to ensure a continuous feel to your gallery!

Reason’s I think your wedding would benefit from adding on your own second shooter…

Multiple locations – a lot of weddings have them, having a second photographer already at your ceremony location whilst I’ve just left bridal/morning prep helps capture those all important pre ceremony moments with important family members with no worries if things were to run late in the morning leaving me with little time to capture this before your ceremony. 

Limited venue movement – You’ve booked a gorgeous venue to hold your ceremony, but some of the best and most photo worthy ceremony locations make it so I’m not able to move around during it. Having two of us means the second can be at the back capturing all the moments whilst being able to move more discreetly, giving you guys a whole extra set of images. I particularly recommend adding on this extra for church ceremonies, due to the nature of your venue and trying to respect it by keeping within my allowed area at the front (some churches don’t even allow this, please ensure you’re church is aware you’ve booked a photographer!)

Different angles – One of those ‘wow’ moments is when you are walking down the aisle, maybe with one of the most important people in your life by your side to support you during this unmissable moment. However, another ‘wow’ moment is the reaction your partner has when they see you for the first time… unfortunately I can’t be in two places at once so this is probably the most popular reason why people add on a second.

100+ Guests – Most of my lovely couples book me because they love the mix of candid and key moments captured, I love ninja’ing about catching as many guests as possible, however this challenge reaches new heights with a larger wedding party, incoming super second shooter! I purposefully book photographers who are like minded, this means they catch all the candid’s too, they align perfectly with my shots creating your wedding gallery story line!

Group Shots – Now this is a tricky one, I don’t like limiting your group shot list at all, however I’ve found over the years that a list of 12 group shots have worked wonders, any more than this and you get potential jaw ache (from all the smiling) however I know that photo priority changes with every couple, so if you need those 25 group shots, by all means, lets get them!! (please make sure you have enough time in your day’s timeline!!!) All those lovely candids however, are on pause whilst I do your group shots, Super Second saves the day once again by capturing all your guest’s mingling and enjoying the entertainment whilst we tick off our list, perfect!

Support, Guidance + All round banter – This one isn’t a necessity, but my goodness I’ve really enjoyed having a second the last few years. If you want to add a layer of super friendly goodness onto your already amazing team of documentary artists (assuming you have video and myself, cos I’m awesome!) having that extra creative body gives me someone to bounce ideas off, hold your bouquet, grabs you (and me!!) another drink, keeps an eye on the sunset light etc etc… There’s just so many things I could tell you a second shooter does to add on that helpful support, but I’m afraid I’ll give away all the industry secrets haha!

You’ve been convinced to add one on.. so how?

Quite simply, get in touch. I’ve got a list of go to second photographer’s and I love working with them! let me know if you’re interested and I’ll sort you out, it costs an extra £395 which is a BARGAIN for these guys, then when you get your questionnaire to fill in you pop in where you want your second photographer to start. Easy Peasy!

The earlier you let me know, the better. I pencil in my second shooters based on who I think would work best for your wedding day, and it’s like a first come first served with these guys!! If you think your wedding is coming up too quickly and it’s too late, fret not! Get in touch and I’ll ask around before you commit!

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