The simplest wedding photography package for the most amazing day!

You have probably never had to look for a wedding photographer before, so how do you choose the right person to hang out with you on the most amazing day of your life?! 

If you are more interested in enjoying your wedding than posing all day, and want to keep hold of those moments you laughed, cried and were lost for words in a natural way, well then I think you’re in the right place!

Cue me – my superpower is getting on with you so well that you forget I’m your photographer. 

I will make sure you I get you laughing at my jokes and beaming at your partner so every photo you receive is a keeper.

How much?

I don’t believe in overcomplicating things, and I don’t want to detract from your priority and mine – amazing photos! So I like to keep my pricing simple…

The wedding package consists of:

Pre-Wedding shoot

Unlimited images on USB and a private online gallery

Full coverage of your wedding from start to finish

One set price of £1650

All bookings and confirmations are taken via email or phone – as soon as you have paid your £500 booking fee your chosen date is locked in for you.

Not sure what you want, or want to mix it up? I have shot hundreds of weddings, and I would be thrilled to bits to chat with you about what you are looking for and make something work for you.

My wife and I are absolutely over the moon for choosing Florence as our wedding photographer, she’s very talented and the emotion of our special day was captured with perfection. We would highly recommend her photography and her unique style


Split the photos for the best lighting

At a recent wedding we got the first shots soon after the ceremony, second time was the PERFECT golden hour, and the third time we had some gorgeous fairy lights to play with! I’m lucky to have couples who are up for a bit of a walk around and pla

just keep moving

The awkwardness of the first dance will make you laugh and your friends and family will join you and you end up having a blast!

The perfect confetti shot

If you love that confetti shot, provide a big basket of confetti so your guests can grab a handful ready to throw… Not many people bring it to the day anymore and it’s definitely a ‘more the merrier’ kind of situation

Worried about group shots?

I can advise and guide you, as can your wedding coordinator – take advantage of us, we’re here just for you!


If I can recommend one little thing on your wedding day, it would be to stop every now and then and just BREATHE. This day has been a long time coming and it goes SO FAST.

totally alone (almost)

The portrait session is a great way of getting some alone time, all you need is an annoying photographer to come with you… you’re welcome!