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So, it’s about time I introduce myself! I’m Florence, the crazy wedding lady, or just your standard wedding supplier, as we are all a tad bit crazy about weddings in this industry. I thought I’d start by saying I forced my poor husband to help me get some portraits done for this blog – so all these images of me you see, have had some blood, sweat, tears and a near divorce put into them. I’m all about the natural moment but have you met my husband? He’s brilliant at everything, including annoying me. But enough about him, we’re here to talk about meeeeee!

I’m not a great writer, so please don’t worry if you’re reading this and thinking, wow this girl can’t type, how can I trust her with my wedding photographs. Fret not, as long as your expectations aren’t too high, and you like a bit of a risk, you’ll be alright. I JOKE. Apart from about the bad writing thing, I really can’t do that. Sorry to my English teacher, you tried!

I guess I should start by telling you guys a little about me, I’m a 90s baby, I’m married, I have TWO children, sorry but that still blows my mind. I have been photographing weddings for about 8 years now. My main hobby is not sleeping, HA, refer back to the two children part. I love fashion, being creative, my friends and family, naughty food and the occasional gin. I live in Tonbridge, Kent with the husband and kids, we moved here from Staplehurst in 2019 to renovate a house! This renovation became a bit of a nightmare because we found out we were pregnant just as it started, in January 2020, which then proceeded was the global pandemic, you know, that one. (LOL if you are reading this in 2048 and it’ll be referred to as something else I’m sure.)

Here’s my kids, aren’t they cute? You know I’m actually the worst at documenting my own life. Everything’s on my phone – like most people. But that’s why I’m an advocate for making time to catch your family on camera, in the olden days you would have to book a photographer for portraits because you wouldn’t have your own. Nowadays EVERYBODY has a camera but there’s that awful ‘one person always missing’ or ‘no time to get the proper camera, just grab the phone!’ Moments, which leaves people with blurry, bad quality unprintable moments. So, basically, book me for a lifestyle shoot yeah? Haha! This year has done me a favour, apart from the fact Ive been able to spend quality time with these kids, I’ve actually managed to catch them on camera too. I’m off to get some printed before I forget!

Every time I try and think of something interesting about me to tell you, it’s based around food. Which says a lot, I’m so unhealthy and I’m pretty sure Krispy Kreme’s run in my veins because YUM. Before Lockdown, and if I wasn’t shooting, you’d find me having dinner out with a friend, watching a horror on my own, going for a lovely walk with my family, drinking copious amounts of tea and eating something full of sugar.

I completely fell into wedding photography, which is hilarious because I studied photography, I loved photography! I started with A-Level, then moved onto lens based media in college, finally going to university to study Fashion, Advertising and Editorial photography. My aim in life was to become a published photographer in fashion, I just knew it was ‘my thing’ but to be honest, as soon as I stood in that studio I hated it. The perfection was awful. I was completely shocked and felt like I was back at square one, what on earth was I meant to be doing? I did a few courses with photographers and made it more of a hobby, it was still my happy place, I just don’t like ‘perfect’ images the way a photographer was ‘meant to’ so photographing people being my friends and family was where I stayed. My course leader actually laughed about wedding photography, considered it scraping the barrel, so I definitely couldn’t do that. Oh how wrong she was (Or me, oh god… didn’t think about that haha!) a friend of a friend asked for help photographing their wedding, they couldn’t afford a photographer. I considered it, read up a few things, went along to their rehearsal and gave it my best shot. I guessed that having a crap photographer was better then none?! What do you know, I bloody loved it. Totally up my street, real people, real moments, real emotion, I couldn’t believe my luck. Then the couple got their images and knowing it was something they didn’t have to worry, or even think about on the day, was so pleased with them. The ball started to roll pretty quick and I started to realise this was what I was meant to do, it terrified me because making it official meant I actually had to make a career out of it, so off I pop to wedding fairs and meetings, registered as self employed and then BOOM 8 years later I’m here, not photographing weddings in a pandemic haha!

I think that’s about covered it, is there anything else you’d like to know about me? Feel free to shoot me a DM or a facebook message asking away. I asked on Instagram just now but the first response was ‘Do I have hairy toes’ so lets see what else comes up!

One thing I will say, is I’ve absolutely nailed the multi tasking skill. I started photography with only a part time job, in a wedding boutique, so my free time was spent researching and practising. It was bliss, I organised styled shoots, networked, felt scared, but also relaxed and prepared. There was no rush for me, it was all just fun and hardly any paid jobs! Now, however My time is spent researching, practising, parenting, feeding, sending invoices, booking dates, sending emails, creating artwork, sending payments, updating social media and editing. For example, right now I’m feeding my 5 month old, typing this with one hand sitting at the dining table whilst homeschooling my nearly 5 year old. *reminds myself to spell check. My multitasking skill is being honed into a super talent due to this pandemic! Which is appreciated, I would never have been able to have so many things going on before, which brings me to my next point… I’ll drop a subtle hint here for a new exciting adventure I’d like to announce soon! I’m learning how to keep the house tidy!! HAHA I joke, that’ll never happen, however I will be branching into a new area of photography. It’s something I’ve thought about for years but its only recently with some encouragement from a fellow photographer and my lovely, annoying husband, that I’ve taken the plunge!

So that’s me! Let me know if you make it this far! If you’re interested in th opportunity to catch your family or wedding day in photographic form, shoot me a message! Big Love, Flo x

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