Lavender Field Mini Shoots

I’ve just opened up my books AGAIN for some more mini shoots because I was obsessed with Castle Farm’s glorious rows of lavender. (Book Here –

I’m obviously massively bias here, being a family photographer, however I’m an advocate for photographing your family. I don’t know about you but my kids have grown up SO quickly (one of them only being 10 months, but I get increasingly sad about how little I managed to catch him with my ’proper’ camera when he was teeny tiny!) So every time somebody books me to photograph their family I’m so obsessed with catching as many of those little details as possible, because you blink and *poof* they are 13 and moody.

The problem is, booking a professional photographer can be pricey and time consuming, and until you find a photographer that you book for a big event like a wedding, how do you choose? I have repeat customers who come back year after year for family photographs, updating their walls in their home as their children grow, but how about those who can’t afford it? I introduce to you – MINI SHOOTS. Perfect for the updating of family photographs without the commitment of a full family Photoshoot, a quick session and 20 x DIGITAL images. I highlight the digital because this means you can go on to print as many as you like, and why stick to prints? Stick those gorgeous kids of yours on a mug. (Or not, totally your call) pillows, canvas, tote bag, the world is your oyster in this day and age.

I then decided to introduce some seasonal style Photoshoots, you know what I mean, autumnal, blossom, beach and snow scenes, all adding an extra special touch onto the average family photos. When I started getting requests for Lavender field sessions, I knew it would become a regular – and Monday 28th June 2021 was my first ever mini shoot evening in the glorious lavender field at Castle Farm in Sevenoaks. The whole day was doomed with clouds, storm and wind warnings, then suddenly the clouds parted for what turned out to be the perfect evening for photographs, apparently the photographer who booked out the field straight after me cancelled, so I must have been mad but it was fate!

SO yes, I’ve updated my diary to include not one, but TWO more dates for Lavender field sessions.

Monday 26th July - 9.30am, 10.00am, 10.30am & 11.00am
Tuesday 27th July - 3.30pm & 4.00pm

To find out more information and to book, click the ‘Sessions’ tab on my website or click this link –

Come frolic with me amongst the rows of lavender!

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