Pre Wedding Shoots – what, why, where and what do we wear?!

So you’ve booked your wedding photographer, what’s next?

I include a pre wedding shoot with all my full wedding packages, what’s a pre shoot I hear you ask! Well, a pre shoot is my own way of getting to know you, I want to see what you guys are like in front of the camera, I get an insight as to who you are as a couple. For you guys, see it as a practice run, a chance to see what it’s like to be photographed professionally. I understand for many people this will be their first experience with a photographer, so it’s great to get rid of any possible nerves or awkwardness, I don’t bite, I promise! Not forgetting that you’ll get some photographs at the end of it!

V+D, Hemsted Forest.


Where would you like to hold your pre wedding shoot? Here’s some suggestions…

Your venue

Some people can use their wedding venues, if they allow of course. a great way to show me your favourite spots too, be aware that your venue may be super busy so we’ll be restricted as to when we’ll be allowed in, it’s worth an ask though if you’d like to have it there!

My favourite Locations

I have a list of my favourite locations, you would have got them in an email after you book me for your wedding photography, some of them are Hemsted Forest in Cranbrook, Hothfield Common near Ashford and Knole Park in Sevenoaks.

Your favourite places

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes my couples suggest their own homes, gardens, or a favourite walk of theirs. I am open to exploring new places!


Time of year

My diary is open for pre wedding shoots October – April, with limited dates available through May – September. It depends on what you’ve got in mind for your shoot as to when you’d like it, autumn makes for beautiful colours and golden light whereas spring you’ve got florals and natural colourful surroundings.

Time of week

Monday – Thursday 10am – 2pm is my typical availability with one weekend date a month up for grabs too (I can usually fit 2/3 shoots in on this day though!) throughout the lighter months I may have evenings availability for golden hour shoots too.

What do you need to do?

Once you’ve booked me as your photographer, you’ll get an email to ask you to book it in, this will have my favourite locations and typical availability in there too. You just get in touch to book in your pre shoot when you’re ready, and ask any questions you may have too!

What to wear?

I get asked this, a lot. I have no hard and fast rules, although I recommend staying clear of bold patterns or logo’s which can age fast. I recommend sticking to your own style, even if you buy a new outfit for the occasion, don’t try to look like somebody else! Try to make sure your outfits compliment each other nicely, and no, I don’t mean matchy matchy, (unless that’s your vibe of course!) but simply matching your shoot theme or having similar colour pallettes will go a long way. Think about your shoot location, the time of year and day and of course what kind of couple are you? There’s no point putting a short dress on if you wanted to get shots of you having piggy backs or being thrown around without any worries of having those awkward angles! Lastly, please don’t put something on that you’ll be wanting to constantly adjust, trousers too tight or top too low, these are all things that can distract from the moment more than you realise. TOP TIP – Take a look online at some examples of pre wedding shoots and it could give you an idea as to what would work for you!

My outfit recommendations

Beach – Floaty dresses and linens.

Woodlands – Wellies and jackets.

Open Space Parks – Casual earthy tones and jeans.

General – Neutral tones and a mix of textures.

Bringing kids or pets with you?

No problem, the more the merrier! However bring another adult with you, somebody who can help with them whilst you get some on your own too. I am all for turning it into a family shoot, however this is an opportunity to get that photo practice for you as a couple.

What to expect on the day…

Don’t panic if you don’t feel like you’re models ready for the confidence of ‘Blue Steel’, I’m here to guide you as much or as little as you want. We’ll start nice and slow with some easy prompts, usually just walking whilst we have a chat, then I will throw some ideas at you. I’ll constantly be looking for areas or backdrops I think will work for you, this changes all the time, no matter how many times I’ve shot at your location. I’ll be checking on you the entire time and hopefully you’ll be comfortable enough with me to keep me updating on what you think of it whilst we are shooting! The idea is for me to see what you guys are like in front of the camera and get images of you that help tell a story of your relationship. So whether you’re super cuddly or just up for a laugh, we’ll capture the best of you!

But we don’t know how to pose?

Gosh, who does?! I have some tricks up my sleeve that I’ll throw out at you as and when I need to, and don’t get me wrong, I won’t be bringing full cheese to the session, but I do want to cover as much as possible! This way you get the most out of your session and get lots of variety to look at after, the ‘poses’ I use are very much a tool to try and get something out of you that you don’t necessarily expect! Just bear with me as you might be a bit more understanding of the method to my madness once you see the images…

Most of all… Just have fun!

Here’s some shots I’ve taken over the last year…

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