Branding Photoshoot at ELF Hair Studios

When Emma Said she was moving into her own new salon, I was so surprised – I have been going to her for my hair cuts and colouring for years, she’s always been in a salon with other hair dressers, I’ve asked her before about going alone but she said no, not for a long time – so apparently during a world wide pandemic and when it’s against the law to cut hair, it seemed like the BEST time to go alone. Some say crazy, I say inspiring! I get the impression she has always wanted to go independently, so when an opportunity came along she grabbed it with both hands and took her little family for the ride, I’m so proud of how quickly she turned the space into her own and she’s running a super successful and beautiful salon in the heart of Ashford in Kent.(All of this in the space of 8 months, with clients clawing at her doors to get their hair done by her!)

I was excited to come and visit the salon for the first time, I love Emma’s personal style and she’s so passionate about sustainable products so I knew she’d be putting her heart and soul into it, as well as the odd monkey here and there ha! I am pleased to say I’ve managed to visit a few times now, twice for hair cuts and once for this photo shoot.

Emma’s idea for a Photoshoot wasn’t new, we had talked about how we were to grab a few shots of it when it was all finished. I couldn’t wait to get back out shooting again, with all my work at a stop and only commercial photography work able to go ahead, I knew this was a great time to go grab some shots for ELF Hair studio.

The brief was pretty simple, get some images that show Emma and her work off in her style. I had real fun catching some of these images and, dare I say it, back into my creative shoes after a slooooooow wedding season! So I hope you like the images…

To find out more about Emma and ELF Hair Studio, follow her on instagram @elfhairstudio to see all her incredible work and how she’s becoming the incredible salon trying to save the planet!

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